Apply for our program.

If you are a high school student in Norman who is interested in our program, scroll down for more information and to fill out our online application form.

Do you qualify?

If you are a Norman high school student enrolled in Norman High, Norman North, or Dimensions and also:

  • Are already living independently due to family crisis
  • Pass the Ansel Casey test for independent living skills and a mental health evaluation
  • Maintain passing grades and attendance, and abide by housing regulations
  • Have a job or some means of support

Then you may be eligible for the Bridges program. Fill out the application below to get started.

Bridges Program Expectations

  • You are required to get yourself up and and go to school every day. Good attendance, according to NPS guidelines (10 absences per semester) is a requirement to stay in Bridges. If credit is lost due to absences or tardies or if you are dropped from school, you will be asked to leave the program.
  • You are expected to make passing grades. This means doing homework, projects, papers, and asking for a tutor, if needed.
  • You are required to attend the Life Skills meetings every Tuesday from 4:30-6pm during the school year. There are no Life Skills meetings in the summer or during school breaks.
  • You are required to participate in the Career Coaching/ Mentoring aspect of the program by attending events, activities, and appointments.
  • You are expected to respect Bridges’ property, including the Student Center, by cleaning up after yourself and following the Student Center rules.
  • You are expected to return calls or messages from the Bridges staff and Mentor/Career Coach within 24 hours of receiving a phone call or message. You are also expected to show up for all appointments or meetings.
  • You are expected to know and follow all policies, procedures, rules, and expectations provided in the handbook.

Benefits & Services


Fully furnished apartments with sliding scale rent for those who qualify.

school expenses

Bridges helps by paying for most school-related expenses, including school supplies, most club and activity fees, ACT/SAT test fees, AP test fees, and graduation expenses.

community resources

Bridges will help you access other community resources, such as food pantries, DHS services, bus passes, medical care, etc.

Social activities

We like to have fun at Bridges, too, so we offer several social activities and parties for our students.

Savings account

Each Bridges student receives an incentive-based savings account, with a check written after graduation.


Bridges offers scholarships to graduating seniors (for those who qualify).

student pantry

A pantry with toiletries, food, and household items is available in the Student Center.

student center

Bridges has a Student Center with cable on the big screen TV, pool table, and community space.


We offer tutoring, career coaching, mentoring, connections for counseling and therapy, help acquiring medical care, gift cards for emergency needs, and no-interest loans for emergencies.

Life Skills

Life Skills meets weekly during the school year. You'll learn a lot of different things, from cooking, to writing a resume, applying for scholarships, and even changing a tire.

laundry room

Students have free access to our on-site laundry room, featuring 2 large, brand new washers and 2 large, brand new dryers.

After the application is submitted a Bridges staff member will contact you within 3 school days to set up an interview or to let you know you didn’t qualify. 

If you prefer, you may download and print an application instead by clicking the button below: