The Spot
Youth Serve Squad

The Serve Squad is a youth volunteer group who get to positively impact Norman by sharing perspectives about what kinds of enrichment activities are beneficial to the city’s youth. Members of the Serve Squad will attend local civic and educational events and will assist in planning events that take place at The Spot. The Spot is a day center for youth ages 14-21 providing support, purpose, and opportunities for young people to thrive. We strive to help the youth of Norman reach their full potential by serving with excellence!

The Serve Squad volunteer term begins the last week of July and ends in April. You must be a high school Junior or Senior (academic year 2020-21) to apply.

Please fill out the application form below and email a letter of recommendation from one non-relative reference to

Applications and letters of reference for the upcoming term are due no later than Friday, June 26th, 2020.